ICT Solutions – How To Build A Website

Step 1: Choose a web hosting company. It is that company which host web pages on there server on your behalf in lieu of some monthly fees, known as the web hosting fees. The hosting fees can be any thing from US $ 3 to US $ 100 or more depending on the services provided and your website size and traffic. There are several companies which provide free hosting like Geocities and Bravenet.

But these companies put there ads on your web pages to provide such type of service to you. Select your host company on the basis of : monthly hosting fees, server’s up time, bandwidth, disk space, number of password protected user accounts, website management tools and services, number of sub-domains and tools and scripts supported. Hiring a local and reputed host is recommended, as it becomes easier and cheaper to interact with him in case of any technical snag or other website related issues.

Step2: Register a domain name. You can register it for up to 10 years. Usually there is an additional fee for registration but they are some hosts which provide free domain name registration like yahoo web hosting.

Step3: Almost all website hosting companies provide website development tools and services. There is an additional fee for website design, development and promotion. However for website’s promotion, a separate company which is specialist in internet marketing should be hired. This is because site promotion is very important. What’s the use of setting up a site, if nobody visits it in the first place? Since promotion is a continuous process and requires significant amount of expenditure, therefore in this case getting value for your money becomes very important. Generally companies which are also involved in design and development are not well equipped/ skilled enough for effective website’s promotion.

Step4: It is important for you, to know how a site is developed and by whom. A typical web team consists of designers, graphic designers, developers, content developers, internet marketers and a team leader. A designer creates layout or blueprint of a website i.e. how the site will look like. His job is to make the site attention grabbing and visually appealing. Graphic designer is responsible for creating graphic images like graphic buttons, animation etc. A developer’s job is to build the functionality of the site .i.e. how it should respond to a particular action by a visitor. For e.g. when a visitor fills a form and click on the ‘submit’ button, then the visitor’s details should automatically get stored in a database after proper validation. For these actions to take place, a developer writes certain programs or codes. So he is basically a programmer.

Content developers are generally copy writers, whose job is to develop interesting contents for the website. Internet marketers are responsible for promoting the site through ‘Search Engine Optimization’ (SEO), Google and yahoo ad words, affiliate marketing, e-mail marketing, banner advertisement etc. The team leader works a client servicing executive. He acts as a bridge between the client and the web team. He gets the requirements from the client and then gets them executed through his team. He is also responsible for developing coordination among the team members. All team members report to him.

Step5: Acquire as much knowledge as possible on personal level about website hosting, design, development and promotion before hiring any company. This will help you in making better choices and help in effective monitoring of you work done by others.

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