Privacy Policy

Bounty ICT Ventures Policies/ Provisions fall under the following:

  • Training Provisions
  • Research Support Provisions
  • Information Communication Technology solutions  Provisions.

1.0 Training Provisions

Bounty ICT Ventures  offers training in each of the highlighted areas including:

  • Digital Literacy/Word Processing
  • Graphic Design
  • Web Design
  • Information Technology
  • Learning Managment System(LMS) Set up training
  • Data Analysis/ SPSS Training

2.0 Research Projects Support Provisions

2.1 Research Proposal Writing

In proposal writing, Bounty ICT Ventures involves in the following:

  • Offering guidance on identification of research topics,
  • Gathering materials for building the background to the study,
  • Guidance on formulation of  research objectives/questions/hypotheses,
  • Offering support in statement of research problem,
  • Guidance on writing of conceptual and theoretical frameworks.
  • Sourcing materials for literature review (journals, studies,books),
  • Developing research design and methodology,
  • Data Collection Instruments designing
  • Reviewing proposals based on the supervisors’ or panel’s review. 
  • Manuscript Revision & Editing

2.2 Data Coding and Entry

2.2.1 Data Coding

Bounty ICT Ventures assists clients in entering the data into the Computer: Data from questionnaires is coded and entered in the computer using Statistical Package for Social Science (SPSS). This involves coding close ended items in order to run simple descriptive or inferential analysis to get reports on data status. The qualitative data is sorted, categorized and processed using word processing applications.

2.2.1 Data Analysis

After receiving data from the field, Bounty ICT Ventures(BIV) screens it for accuracy so as to ensure no major errors. In screening, BIV research team seeks to establish whether: the data are legible, the major items have been answered and the responses are complete. BIV engages in Quantitative Analysis.

Quantitative Analysis: Quantitative data analysis involves both descriptive and inferential analysis (where applicable). Descriptive analysis such as frequencies and percentages, means and standard deviation are used to present quantitative data. This is done in order to describe what the data shows.Where as, Inferential Analysis is used to test the hypothesis. This involves Chi-square, correlation, regression, t-tests and Analysis of Variance (ANOVA),Multivariate Analysis of Variance(MANOVA),Analysis of Covariance(ANCOVA ) factor analysis among other approaches used in inferential analysis.

2.3 Research Manuscript Editing

Bounty ICT Ventures is involved in supporting research scholars and organizations in developing seminar/term/conference/journal papers and articles of high standards through quality proofreading,editing and revision.

2.4 Style of Writing

Bounty ICT Ventures(BIV) follows the required style of writing including APA, etc.). This requirement includes not only general task format but also Properly Referenced (in-text citations, footnotes, works cited, references, bibliography, etc.). BIV focus on education and social sciences.Other tasks in respective areas in education or social science discipline shall be done in accordance with their particular requirements as per provisions of various colleges, polytechniques and universities.

2.5 Plagiarism

Plagiarism,which is lifting other peoples work verbatim is understood at Bounty ICT Ventures as stealing other people’s ideas. This enterprise endeavors to maintain originality of the work. Any borrowed information or quote is properly referenced. If plagiarism is noted in a piece of work, an associate shall be required to revise. An associate shall be called upon to forfeit his/her membership if noted to have plagiarized more than two times consecutively.

2.6 Revision/Review

  • In case revision or amendments of the work is required, the associate handling the work is assigned the duty of reviewing the work within the given time frame,
  • The customer takes full responsibility of his/her own errors( when incorrect instructions regarding a project are provided),
  • All the works of our customers are revised FREE of CHARGE
  • Bounty ICT Ventures Team do revision on all major technical aspects of research such as background to the study, statement of problem, study  parameters, conceptual and theoretical framework, theoretical and empirical review, research design, methodological and analytical issues.
  • Some resources (locally available) may not be within our reach as per specified time frame. Thus Bounty ICT Ventures may be compelled to  request our customers for support in providing some of these resources in order to facilitate the revision process.
  • BIV Team accompanies the client till the end of the project cycle, including defense preparation.
  • BIV Team is committed to projects review knowing that Review is the hallmark of any scholarly endeavor.

2.7 Client’s Responsibility

  • Liaising with university supervisor(s) regarding the project,
  • Providing research guideline (as provided by the institution),
  • Taking up ‘minor’ errors of commission or omission (typographical, grammatical, etc…)  without necessarily involving BIV Team,
  • Providing the necessary resources as need arises – based on the recommendations,
  • Keeping BIV updated in case of any changes
  • Owning the work through  expert guidance and internalization.

3.0 Information Communication Technology Solutions Provision

Today,information is power and everything, any organization who claim to be strategically positioned without embracing the ever emerging information/communication technologies will only decieve itself and could be seen to be leaving in a stone age.Bounty ICT Ventures being abrest of this development, has continues to provide individuals and entreprises through the following: 

  • Designing dynamic websites, 
  • raining &Set-up Leaning management systems for educators based on their unique needs,
  •  Designing organisation’s corporate identity (logos, letter heads,book layout,poster,E-book,book cover e.t.c). 
  • Installing the up-to date computer applications and systems, 
  • Offering Internet services
  • Printing & Publishing of academic books,promotional materials,et.c.
  • Providing computer maintenance(installations of softwares, formatting of computer systems, virus treatment services
  • video and audio editing
  • document processing & spreading

We are dedicated to conducting our business in accordance with the above policy in order to ensure that the confidentiality of personal information is protected and maintained.

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