Data Analysis with SPSS for Educational Researchers

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This eBook is a practical guide on how  you can analyze and interpret  your quantitative research data effectively.

The course is appropriate for beginning researchers and those with some amount of experience in carrying out quantitative research studies.

The contents of this course are outline below under description.

As a bonus package, you will be given access to  IBM SPSS statistical software full version 25 including a licence key(for FREE) to enable you practice how to use SPSS computer software for analysing your educational research data as YOU will be guided step by step to conduct basic to advance statistics without being an expert in mathematics or statistics.

You will also get a lot of guidance on how to report statistical data analysis result  for your  research project,thesis, dissertation, or article  for journal publication using the American Psychological Association(APA) style manual,the 7th and latest edition.

The only requirement in this course is basic  knowledge of computer  and Microsoft office packages such as Ms Word and Excel and Internet access.


What you will learn in this course

  1. data coding from questionnaire or rating scale
  2. data entry techniques
  3. graphic representation
  4. how to ascertain the validity and reliability of your research instruments
  5. techniques for administering your research instrument on the field
  6. how to point out your level of measurement
  7. how to choose the right statistical procedures for analyzing the data collected in your study
  8. how to conduct  descriptive statistics for analysing research data(such as  percentage,mean,standard deviation,etc.) using SPSS.
  9. how to carry out inferential statistics
  10. Non-parametric tests-chi square, Spearman rho correlation,Wilcoxon Sign Rank Test,Mann Whitney U test, Kruskal Wallis Test etc. &
  11. Parametric tests  such as Pearson product moment correlation coefficient,simple & multiple regression analysis, t test, ANOVA, ANCOVA,e.t.c.) with SPSS.
  12. how to test hypothesis and draw inferences using SPSS
  13. how to interpret the data analysis result from SPSS



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