Website/Blog Set Up & Social Media Marketing

Web Designing

We are engaged in building websites for individuals and organizations.

we help educators build personal & class website/blog for enhance instructional purposes.In addition to the website creation for teachers/lecturer,we set-up learning management system in the website that assist them to deliver multimedia instruction and enable easy assessment their students.

The essence of the website for educators projects is facilitate teaching & learning process. Also,to foster a system of interactive learning and helping the students to gain a technology-based education. Setting up a class website can help students to learn at their own pace,thereby meeting individual needs.

We design both static and dynamic websites while adhering to clients’ unique needs. A dynamic website uses a database to generate data or information, depending on the user’s request.

Typically, these kinds of pages need more time to design and develop, but they are beneficial for website visitors. Static website on the other hand generally provides information and does not interact with the host server as such.

The service that we offer to small businesses and individuals is helping them to create online presence to engage their customers positively,increase sales and also create exposure and return on investment.

Social Media Marketing

In addition to website creation services,we assist our clients with social media marketing to enable them drive traffic to their websites/blog providing them with the most efficient internet marketing tools and methods available to them within the constraints of their budget.

Going social become expedient because there are over 5 million Nigerians on Facebook and over 9 million on other social network.We help to promote products and services of businesses to these Nigerians on social network(Facebook).

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